The questionnaire was include students strand quiz help questions answerable by true or false on the attention on policies on solid waste control among senior high faculty scholars of SCC. Data Gathering. The researcher carried out the survey using research device upon the approval of the Principal of the Senior High School scholars here in Southern Christian College. The researcher individually administered the survey examination help the selected students from alternative strands who participated in the study. Then the knowledge were tabulated, analyzed quiz help interpreted. Data Analysis. After converting it into 100, I can say that 66. 66 students out of 100 spoke back that they’re t dealing with great difficulties for the absence of the essential considering capabilities. 2. Do you suspect the existing curriculum of your school adds sufficient scope exam help develop the independent pondering ability of scholars?In this survey question most of the students replied that the current curriculum in their reputable school provides little scope for developing the artistic thinking ability. For instance, half of the students think that the curriculum of their college isn’t helping them exam help nurture their important pondering skills quiz help after changing the effect into 100 scholars I found that 50 scholars think the existing curriculum in their college doesn’t giving adequate scope for coming up creative considering. In answering the 3rd question, 20 students out of 30 answered that their considering capacity did not develop as a result of the present academic system of Bangladesh.