In their experiments, the researchers examined mice with greater levels of eIF4E. They found that these mice had exaggerated degrees of protein synthesis within the brain quiz help exhibited behaviors similar exam help those found in autistic americans repetitive behaviors, equivalent to many times burying marbles, faded social interaction the study monitored interactions with other mice, quiz help behavioral inflexibility the stricken mice were unable exam help navigate mazes that had been somewhat altered from ones that they had formerly solved. The researchers also found altered verbal exchange among neurons in brain areas linked exam help the irregular behaviors. To remedy examination help these autistic like behaviors, the researchers then established exam help drug, 4EGI 1, which diminishes protein synthesis induced by the greater degrees of eIF4E. Through this drug, they hypothesized that they could go back the bothered mice’s protein creation exam help typical degrees, and, with it, reverse autistic like behaviors. The subsequent experiments confirmed their hypotheses.